I’m not gonna lie. It’s been a tough couple of weeks. Dealing with things that are not in your control can be really difficult, but ya know what, every once in a while you have to. So instead of moping and wallowing I’ve been active. I’m made some really positive changes in my life. Some that were long over due, and others were more of a restarting of something I’d slacked on.

One of those things is boxing. I didn’t realize how much I had missed boxing until I put those gloves back on and beat the hell out of my standing bag. It felt great and released a lot of frustration I had built up. I don’t ever want to slack on that again. So I won’t.

Another thing is writing. I’ve written so much in the past three weeks. This has just been the only thing I’ve been willing to share. I’m sure there will be much more in the future, but right now this is it.

Things aren’t how I want them to be right now, but I’m working on getting them there. Like I said at the beginning of this. It’s been a really tough couple of weeks, but I’m ok. I’m gonna be ok. I am, and always have been a fighter. 😊❤️