I’ve finally figured something out in my 35 years. I keep falling for the same kind of guy. Funny, cute, and smart. Sounds great right? That’s the kinda of guy you’re supposed to fall for. But the guys I fall for are different. How? …. They start out great and wonderful and genuinely seem interested. The BAM not so much. That would be ok. It really would, however these guys do one of two things. Slowly disappear or quickly disappear.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s perfectly ok for two people to think they like each other and then realize they don’t. That’s fine but tell the other person. Jesus! Why can’t people be honest? I hate that crap. You like me? Great. I like you too. You don’t like me? Well that sucks, but cool thanks for letting me know. I’ll move on. Not sure how you feel? Still trying to figure that out? That’s cool, but let a girl know. It’s much easier on both of us that way.

I realize guys probably don’t believe we can handle that kind of honesty. Maybe some of us ladies can’t. But 80% of us can. It’s the coming and going, being distant then available, and the not being honest that drives a girl wacko. This is what makes us crazy, fellas. We aren’t born crazy. Yall make us crazy. (I’m sure you could say the same about us.)

Why do the sweet guys always get overlooked? Give me a guy that sends “good morning” texts or that tells me I’m beautiful and it’s like kryptonite! Sorry, you’re too nice.  I can’t handle too nice.  Those guys need to learn the fine line between jerk and interested. But then…wouldn’t they become the confusing as hell guys that I just said drive women crazy? Poor guys. Yall can’t win for losing.

But how do you break the cycle? How do you give the sweet guy a chance when all you want is the good looking asshole? Hell if I know the answer to that, but I’m trying. I really am. And here’s how. Maggie is currently in the middle of a test. The test is to see if Tinder, yes Tinder, is really a full on “hook up” dating app or not. See I’ve tried crappy old plenty of fish, hell I even paid for Match.com in the past, but the same guys are on both of those sites. And while those two sell themselves as dating sites they’re really just glorified “hook up” sites. So why not just cut to the chase? Tinder here I am.

So here’s what I’ve done in an attempt to break the asshole cycle (they aren’t all assholes, I just like using that word. It’s descriptive) Maggie is swiping right on guys she normally wouldn’t. That’s right. The short guys. Balding guys. Not as attractive guys. I’ve met a few of them. One guy seemed really nice. We went out and had a great time. He told me some crazy ass stories about himself. My favorite was how he was arrested for attempted murder. Good God yall. Attempted. MURDER. CHECK PLEASE!!! Needless to say there isn’t gonna be date #2.

Ok so bachelor #2. This guy is tall (6’5″) and cute but in a goofy looking way. We made plans to meet but he had to cancel. That date has been rescheduled so more on him at a later date.

Bachelor #3. He started out as a nice guy but he is a straight up Tinder guy. Looking for a fun night and that’s all. I’m not into that so he had to go.

That’s where we are right now. One potential prince in a swamp full of frogs. After all of this I’m still holding out hope for tall, dark and handsome. I probably should stop. He’s the one who I’m pretty sure is pulling the slow disappearing act. Just wish he’d let me know. Honesty fellas. It goes a LONG way.

More to come… 😎