My goodness its been forever since I’ve written anything.  SO much to tell.  Where to start.  First of all I’m really excited about how I’m typing this write now.  My awesome dad gave me a wireless apple keyboard for Christmas.  I didn’t even ask for it.  My even awesomer sister told him how much I wanted one and the keyboard became that great present that you open that you never asked for and never expected and but you got anyway and it made you think that Santa really is real.  So MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!  

This Christmas has been the best so far. Things between my oldest sister and I have never been better.  We have spent a lot of time together shopping, eating, drinking,  and just having a blast.  Thats been the best present.  Then mom and dad got here and added to the already large number of gifts under the tree.  I haven’t had a Christmas like this since I was a little girl.  

I’m gonna have to stop writing now.  It’s time to shower and put on new clothes and get back to the sisters house to take the boys to see a movie.  Life is so good.  🙂