Ever since I finally forgot about Lord Voldemort (get it?) things have been so wonderful.  I’ve taken on a whole new outlook on life and finally kicked things into gear with my health. Now I’ve been really good about working out three mornings a week before the leg fiasco.  Since then I haven’t been able to work out. This has made me sad because, ready, MAGGIE LOVES WORKING OUT! So I asked my trainer what I could do to help keep the 20 pounds I had already lost off.  He told me to try this made for you meal plan called personal trainer food.  So I did and OH MY GOD it’s WONDERFUL! The food is seriously so very very good. I’ve been eating it for a week and I’ve lost another 5 pounds. 🙂 My leg is slowly getting better so I can walk my dogs again AND I managed to clean the house today!

Other than that, life has been so very very good over the past few weeks. I can’t wait to get back to my morning workouts. I also can’t wait to buy new clothes next week because all of mine are too big!

Loving life right now.  More later as there is much more to tell. 🙂