Yall, people mame me laugh. Thank God I haven’t lost my sense of humor.

I just wanted to give a small update. Where to start?  LIFE IS WONDERFUL! I can’t remember the last time I was this happy. Every negative miserable thing that was weighing me down for the past four years is finally gone.  Thank God that is over with!  I no longer have to feel bad for making the money I do, having my own house, myopen new car and having the credit to get it all. I used to feel bad about that. LOL. Not anymore!

I have a family who loves me and is proud of me. Friends who like me for who I am and not what I put out there as me. I am so very luck and in such a good place. Hole in the leg and all!  I’d rather have a hole in my leg than be where I was two months ago!

It’s good to be me!