I can’t believe some of the things I forgot! OKOKOK so while I disappeared from the blogosphere my neighbors TREE….FELL THROUGH MY FENCE!  There was no storm or wind that caused this.  It was just a dead tree that decided it no longer wanted one of its branches attached to it any longer.  It happened sometime between 4:00pm and 9:3pm.  I was letting the Captain out to do his business and I happened to glance over towards the right side of my backyard and this is what I see…..


WAIT…you need to see the close up. 

Yeeeaaahhhhh.  That is my neighbor’s/developer’s big ass tree limb or is it a branch?  Whichever one is bigger, limb or branch, that is what it is.  The white thing is the top to a cooler that I used to cover the gap in the fence so that Mr. Swarley could not pull a Houdini.  So the thing about this tree is that it is right smack dab in the middle of the property line between my neighbor’s yard and the developer’s property.  What does that mean you ask?  That means Maggie is up the creek watching the paddles float slowly away.  Sigh…  Anyway, the fence had to be fixed so I called up my AWESOME cousin Randy who lives about 45 minutes away.  Randy and his oldest son Davis drove on up to my house one Sunday with fence slats they had left over from when they put up their fence.  Randy and Davis got the branch out of the fence and began to fix my fence. Randy was on my side and Davis was on the neighbor’s side.  Halfway through the repair Davis says, “Dad, the neighbors opened their back door and are staring at us.  What do I do?” To which Randy replied, “Ask them to come help!”  The neighbors apparently heard this as they then closed their door.  Well my two favorite men, Randy and Davis fixed my fence for me and here is the final product.


And that children is all you get tonight.  I feel my mono actin’ up again….time to take a nap…er ah, I mean pretend to be 80 years old and go to bed at 7:45.  🙂 

PS….Dear Lord, please let me be able to move tomorrow without too much pain.  LOL