So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the kind of man I want.  I know this is supposed to be about finding myself but realizing what you want is a part of finding yourself.  So, what kind of man do I want?  What characteristics do I find desirable?  Well, a good sense of humor is a must.  I need someone who can make me laugh when it’s the last thing I feel like doing.  I like a dry sense of humor.  I love people who randomly say something with no intent to be funny and what they say is so unintentionally funny that everyone stops for a second and then starts laughing.  I wish I was that kind of funny.  So yeah, a sense of humor is needed.  I LOVE to laugh. 

What else do I want?  Kindness.  I want someone who is kind and caring.  Someone who really cares about others.  A man who will give until they can’t give anymore and then will give just a little bit more.  That kind of kindness and caring can so easily be taken advantage of so a strong will is a must as well.  I need a man who knows when to say enough is enough. 

I need someone who can pull me back in when I get a little out of control of upset or loud.  I can be all three.  But here’s the thing. I HATE being told to calm down.  I hate being made to feel like I’m a child.  I need a man who can pull me to the side and say “Maggie, take a breath and think for a minute.”  As much as I hate to say it I need a man who can call me on my shit, because I’ve got a lot of it.  But he needs to be nice about it.  I’ve got a fragile ego, especially right now. 

I WANT A MAN WHO SENDS FLOWERS ON VALENTINE’S DAY!  Seriously.  I never thought I was a send me flowers kind of girl but I’ve found out I am.  I always thought it was cheesy but its nice to be thought of.  It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day.  Well, yes it does, but not ONLY that day.  I don’t have to get a dozen roses.  I don’t really care for roses.  They’re over done and cliché.  I like daisies.  I like common little pretty flowers.  I LOVE magnolias.  Love love love.  But here is the thing.  Flowers die.  Don’t get me wrong, I still want them, but they die.  A friend of mine, I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing her story, told me how her husband said he was going to send her flowers and she told him not to because they die.  If he wanted to do something nice and it had to be flowers, then he could buy her flowers for her flowerbed.  That way she could really enjoy them.  What a GREAT thought.  She told me it wasn’t long after that she came home and there were new flowers planted in the beds. Awwwww….  Little surprises like that sound nice.  I’m really not a materialistic girl.  I don’t need expensive gifts or even jewelry.  I never wear jewelry.  The only thing I ever really wore was my engagement ring.  Funny how I really miss it.  What I do ned is a man who will show me he loves me by thinking of me and as much as its cliché to say it, flowers can do that.  I want little surprises here and there.  A note in my purse or wallet every once in a while would be nice. 

I also want a man who does things and doesn’t just talk about doing things.  I’m not one to really bring up stuff like trips but I have in the past.  It always seemed like whenever a trip would be brought up it sounded like a good idea but never happened.  OOOhhhhh that would be good.  Here is what I’d REALLY like.  I’d like to come home from work one Friday to find my man standing there with bags packed and tell me that he’s dropped the dog off at the vets and that we are going out-of-town.  We wouldn’t have to go anywhere great and wonderful just somewhere that the two of us could have some fun and enjoy each other.  Yeah.  That’d be nice.  Not so much the trip, that’d be fun but what is really nice about that is the thought that would have to have been put into it.  It wouldn’t even have to be  a trip.  Hell I’d take coming home from work to find a note that told me to get ready and that I was being taken out to dinner and he would be there in an hour and a half (cause that’s how much time I’d need) to pick me up. 

I just want a man who will think of me.  I’ve spent so much time thinking about someone else that the thought of someone thinking about me is so foreign.  I have to admit that it was really nice when I went to dinner with Brian Friday night.  He had thought of me. 

I want a man who is going to be proud of me.  I want a man who is going to love me so much its visible to other people.  I want other women to be jealous of how much my man loves me.  I want them to punch their husbands in the arm and say “Why don’t you do that?”  I do know that it can’t all be about me.  I have so much love to give some lucky man.  Some man is going to be lucky to have me.

So what about physical traits.  I’ve always been partial to dark headed men and I love brown eyes.  There is just something soulful about brown eyes.  They can look right into you.  Brown eyes seem to be so expressive.  There is nothing quite like losing yourself in a pair of deep brown eyes.  No golden Adonis for me, thank you.  Give me tall, dark and handsome. 

I’ve never really liked skinny guys.  I guess that comes from not being a skinny girl.  I like myself how I am.  I’d like myself a little healthier but I’m working on that.  The thing is, I’m never going to be a skinny girl.  I’m not built that way and that’s ok.  So I can’t have a skinny guy.  I like a guy with a little bit of meat on him with some muscle thrown in.  I totally need a guy that’s taller than I am.  I don’t want no short, short man.

I want someone who is going to make me better with him.  I want a man who has a good relationship with God.  I want a man who is going to help me strengthen my relationship with God.  The man is supposed to be the spiritual leader of the family you know. 

I want a man who can be my best friend and will let me be his.  I want a man I can talk to and who can talk to me.  You have to be able to talk to each other.  I’ve found out how important that is.  One thing I’ve learned is how to keep my cool and talk like an adult.  I’m grateful for that. 

So, what do I want in a man.  I want a friend.  I want a funny, nice, thoughtful, loving god fearing, good man.